Veroot is the all-in-one Vendor Management Platform that
transforms the way you manage, analyze, and collaborate
on your vendor relationships and documents.

From the desk to the site:

Centralize information into one system to make sure your vendors have the right insurance, agreements, certifications, and meet your business requirements. Veroot's data and document collection coupled with scorecarding and interactive reporting functions make it easy to keep your entire team in sync - giving you the insight to make better business decisions.

"Software like Veroot can enhance operational efficiency by 75% and save 80% of the time it takes to search and vet documents." (Source - Veroot Timed Comparison corroborated by studies of knowledge workers by IDC and BAE Systems) "

Critical areas of focus:

Run faster with one repository

Dispense with manual processes. Reduce cycle time. Veroot wholistically changes the way housing and construction companies request and manage documents and information. The Veroot platform allows any department or location send/recieve any document or form. One-click vendor fulfillment allows for fast and easy document transactions. Built on technology to work across web and mobile platforms, you can now easily manage documents from anywhere.

"90 percent of U.S. and UK managers say they spend up to two days a week performing administrative tasks, rather than core business functions." (Source - Empower Annual Conference)

Organize by job location and duties

Veroot's built in permissions and custom groups allow employees to see only the documents and vendors they manage. This promotes accountability and focus within the organization

E-Sign Documents

Electronic signatures make it easy to get things done.
Send, sign, approve and store your documents directly in your workflow across all devices and platforms. Veroot provides an ESIGN Act & UETA compliant environment for a safe and secure document lifecycle.

Proven Savings & ROI

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Centralization with 75% faster onboarding, 80% less time searching for documents.*

Real Cost Savings

Reduce up to 20% of the time employees spend filing and searching through paper documents.

Helps Growth

Standard qualification and maintenance process across entire vendor base.

Less Workplace Frustration

Everyone can quickly see if the vendor has met requirements, or needs attention.

High Praise for Veroot

"There is now light at the end of the tunnel.Bruce Wilson, VP Compliance Transgroup
"Veroot came through for us.Peter Work, Compliance Manager, Paxton International
"The system Veroot implemented is an absolute lifesaver. Ann Marie Velez, VP Compliance / TQM Leader Alba

Veroot is perfect for teams of any size.