What is Veroot?


The smarter way to work

Veroot is revolutionizing industry norms by building a private and secure enterprise infrastructure for compliance and vendor management. Although Veroot is as easy to use as Google or Yahoo, its enterprise-grade software is built from the ground up to drive business objectives.

Veroot enables users to search, share, and communicate more easily and efficiently. By reducing task redundancy, Veroot users increase the efficiency of their efforts. The platform's visibility and analysis of critical information helps mitigate risk, and protect the bottom line.

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Key Features:

  • Search
    Find important vendor and proximity information. Search by keyword and market.
  • Build Relationships
    Securely connect your organization and stay updated on your relationships and their activities.
  • Corp. Compliance
    Federal mandates require companies to work together. Veroot eliminates the headaches.
  • Customized Listings
    Vendors update their custom listings to provide users with current information.
  • Vendor Portal
    Share documents with relationships, publish security notifications, store and set expiry dates on documents.
  • Reduce Redundancy
    Multiple phone calls, faxes and emails can give anyone a headache. Veroot's automated application reduces the need for these manual processes.

Application Security

Veroot Application Security

Connecting to Veroot is always done over a secure channel (SSL 3.0/TLS), ensuring that the transmission of data between your computer and Veroot is never compromised. User passwords stored on our servers are encrypted by a strong salted hash algorithm.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Veroot has equipped its data center with redundant load balancers and core switches to ensure the integrity and availability of your data. Customer data is automatically backed up to a geographically separate site, and is immediately bulk encrypted.

Low Risk

Security and privacy is very serious. Veroot uses industry best practices in the design of its system and software.