Time for simple, automated management
of your vendor network.

Vendor management is simply, the most overlooked
solution in mitigating risk and saving dollars.

Critical areas of focus:


See your vendors in a whole new way

Your vendor interactions contain a huge amount of vendor related data. Veroot helps you categorize and understand that data. This puts you in the driver seat to make better decisions.

With all your vendor data on the Veroot platform, we automatically detect and populate key actions for you to take. This will allow you to mitigate risk across your vendor network and drive efficiency. These powerful insights provide key benefits to your company along with true real-time visibility.

E-Sign Documents

Electronic signatures make it easy to get things done.
Send, sign, approve and store your documents directly in your workflow across all devices and platforms. Veroot provides an ESIGN Act & UETA compliant environment for a safe and secure document lifecycle.

Workflow action management

The Veroot action manager automatically notifies you of critical updates based on your workflow action items. No more call, emailing, or faxing information back and forth. A simple view to stay on top of your workflow.

Real-time insight into your logistics network

Veroot’s platform provides real-time insights that immediately notify you of critical information across multiple channels. With so many thing demanding your attention on a daily basis it is important that you have people watching out for you and your business.

The Veroot platform helps you stay proactive in managing your vendor base so you can analyze the performance of your vendors and offload the amount of your mindshare. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Smart search tools

Veroot is built on the concept that information and relationships important to your business should be easy to find, and maintain. The powerful Veroot search tool gives you the power to find the critical information you need to effectively run your business.

Veroot is perfect for teams of any size and all plans come with unlimited users.